Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL)

SOL All-Weather Matches

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Do you adventure with your 10 Essentials? Unexpected things can happen when you're exploring in nature, so make sure you're prepared during an emergency. That's why we've stocked our store with the SOL All-Weather Matches. Fire can be used to create an emergency signal, as a source of heat, and/or for cooking.

The SOL All-Weather Matches were made with an extra-long head, which provides 10 seconds of burn time. It's also thicker than your average match to create a stronger flame in a survival situation. SOL also added layers of varnish to make these matches both waterproof and windproof, so the elements won't prevent you from starting an emergency fire.

These also come in a waterproof case which provides three striker areas, 25 matches, and cotton tinder.

  • 25 matches
  • 1-waterproof case
  • Cotton tinder
  • Made with a extra-long head and thicker than an average match
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof