We Are Alpine Sisters®


We dream of a world where every person identifying as a women will feel empowered to pursue her dreams. There is no better way to build confidence, strength, and feel connected to the world around you than to spend time in the great outdoors. We aim to ensure that every woman has the knowledge and gear to pursue any outdoor adventure with confidence and ignite a lifelong passion for nature.


1. Empowerment through Education: We aim to inspire women to set out on new and exciting adventures by sharing information about how to use gear in the field as well as best practices. Our social media platforms will be a space where aspiring adventurers can learn and grow.

2. Curate high-quality gear: To ensure each woman has the best possible experience on the trails, we want to provide our customers with gear we know works and will withstand the test of time.

3. Less is more: We want to transform the consumer mindset to value quality over quantity, and make the shift towards living life more presently and mindfully.

How do we choose our products?

We choose products and brands to work with based upon their quality, their fit for women, and, when possible, the brand's commitment to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices.  You can learn more about each of the brands we carry in our curated gear collections on Our Brands page.