Backpacking 101 Course

If you have been wanting to learn how to backpack, there's no time like the present!
Hi, I'm Alpine Sisters owner, @alpine_diva, and I'm creating an extensive Backpacking 101 course that is completely free, because I believe that everyone should have the knowledge and confidence to get outside and enjoy outdoor adventures without extra barriers, like cost.
In this backpacking course for beginners, I will be teaching you the basics on
  • how to set up your camp
  • how to plan your backpacking trip from start to finish, including things like obtaining permits, how to use backcountry maps to plan your route, etc.
  • basic nutrition and cooking in the backcountry
  • how to manage your period and other feminine hygiene needs
  • the 10 Essentials
  • what to bring and how to pack your backpack
  • and so, so much more!
Whether you've been backpacking with others before and are ready to plan trips on your own, or maybe you've never been backpacking ever in your life, this course is great for everything a beginner backpacker needs to know!
I am hoping to update the Alpine Sisters Blog and my YouTube channel with new content 2-4 times a month. This blog will be a space where you can read about what I'm teaching, and also have access to the video itself. If you prefer, you can check out my new YouTube page here or check out the video below and hit subscribe to be the first to know about new video releases!
I am so excited to be expanding the Alpine Sisters Outdoor Education Program, because this is the heart and sole of what Alpine Sisters is all about-teaching others how they can spend more time outside. I can't wait see you all out there!
Love, Alpine Diva

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