All Phases Fleece-Maternity Sweater

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Adventuring doesn’t end when you have children—it begins anew. We are so excited to present the Wildelore All Phases Fleece for outdoorsy mothers before, during, and after birth.

This thoughtfully designed transformable sweater was made for adventurous mothers in mind. The side zippers allow you to expand the sweater, so you can comfortably wear it as your pregnant body grows and your postpartum body changes. The middle zipper allows for easy access while nursing (you can leave the nursing cover at home!)

The Wildelore All Phases Fleece is simply the best maternity sweater for adventure moms—it’s absolutely beautiful, practical (it’s evident that the creator understood the needs of a mom, being one herself!) and adaptable. Super bonus: this sweater was made using 100% recycled fleece in a WRAP certified facility!

Whether you or someone you know is pregnant, nursing, or postpartum, this sweater is so much more than a maternity sweater for moms who love to be outdoors—it's for all phases of your body.


  • Adjustable side zippers to accommodate your growing body as your baby develops
  • Middle zipper for easy nursing access
  • Hand pockets that are lined with microfleece to keep you warm and comfortable
  • Chest pocket for storing small items and easy access
  • Made using 100% recycled post-consumer polyester
  • Manufactured ethically in a WRAP certified facility, which promotes safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing. You can learn more about WRAP certification here.
  • Reduces fast fashion by allowing you to wear it throughout your body’s prenatal AND postpartum phases
  • Ripstop fabric at the nursing access to ensure smooth zipping


The Wildelore All Phases Fleece was designed to fit your body before, during and after pregnancy, nursing, and postpartum. Whether you're in your third trimester of pregnancy, nursing a few months post partum, or years after your child was born, this transformable sweater was designed for it all!

XS: Bust: 31-36 inches Waist: 25-32 Hip: 35-40

S: Bust: 33-38 inches Waist: 28-35 Hip: 37-42

M: Bust: 36-41 inches Waist: 31-37 Hip: 40-46

L: Bust: 38-45 inches Waist: 34-40 Hip: 42-48

XL: Bust: 42-50 inches Waist: 37-43 Hip: 46-51

2XL: Bust: 44-52 inches Waist: 40-46 Hip: 48-55